Frequently Asked Questions

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Scientists claim that the evening is the best time to take the supplements because the body's mineral levels fluctuate mostly in the evening. It is also recommended to take the supplements with your largest meal of the day to maximize nutrient absorption, whether this is an evening meal or lunch.

Yes. Be sure to take the supplements with plenty of liquid to help you swallow and wash it down. It is not recommended to take tablets or capsules with hot drinks such as coffee or tea, as this may cause them to disintegrate too early.

Most Vitabiotics’ supplements are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, such as:

Feroglobin Liquid.

Immunace Original.

Immunace Extra Protection.

Osteocare Liquid.

Osteocare Original.

Perfectil Original.

Pregnacare Original.

Wellman Original.

Ultra vitamin C.

Ultra Zinc.

Some Vitabiotics’ supplements are not suitable for vegetarians (as they may contain gelatine in the capsule or components derived from fish as:

Feroglobin Capsules.Wellwoman Original.

Difficulty in swallowing tablets is common. We have researched this extensively and recommend popping the tablet into your mouth and swallowing it together with some chewed food (e.g. banana), followed by some liquid. The throat opens up wider to swallow the chewed food, then the tablet can go down easily. Alternatively, you can swallow the tablets with thicker liquids such as yogurts or smoothies.